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RMSonce is the musical project of the Barcelona-born mathematician, pianist, composer and video artist Francesc Martí. His solid background in classical music, computer music and programming allows him to create something cool, exciting and highly original.

After RMSonce's [Opus e] and The Game of Life albums,Francesc Martí follows their experimental course within advanced electronic music with the release of their third piece of work: Reflections.

RMSonce’s new album Reflections will be definitely one of the big highlights of experimental music in 2009. Reflections contains 9 excellents and captivating tracks covering many styles from electronica, glitch, noise, ambient, soundtrack, to experimental and advanced sampling.

“Reflections is a prove for RMSonce ability to create breathtaking and fascinating tracks. It would be kind of “unfair” to file his beautiful music under a specific genre of electronic music, because it would destroy the beauty of this music if I will make you biased... He juggles samples and sondscapes like a wizard. The range of musicality changes from cinematic soundscapes over to ambient tracks and noisy experimental sounds. The way he creates never heard before soundscapes leave the listener speechless. An electronic symphony in nine chapters. A mesmerizing headmovie – sometimes laid-back then demanding. The moods and the ambiance changes fast with each beat and note of this wonderful album. A fantastic intelligent and breathtaking album." Michael Mück (Cuemix Magazine)

RMSonce's live acts -RMSonce has participated in some of the most important experimental electronic music festivals like SONAR or In-Sonora- expand the project through the addition of real time visuals effects, video projections, samples, musicians and so on. All of these blend to create an electronic mosaic of attractive and surrounding atmosphere.