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Raven, Sound Proector, january 2010
"RMSonce - Reflections got to 'Top 10' 2009 list of Sound Proector webzine
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Pietro Da sacco, Igloo Magazine, january 2010
"Reflections, the RMSonce's newest album, is in the Top Releases list for 2009"
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Ignasi Franch, El Triangle, december 2009

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José Manuel Cisneros, Mondosonoro, december 2009
"Great work on the study of Marti and his friend Juanjo Alba in this remarkable cd"

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Carles Cascon, Diari de sabadell, november 2009

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Dutton Hauhart, Connexion Bizarre, november 2009
"As far as drones and experimental electronics are concerned, Francesc Martí excels. "Reflections" is this Barcelona artist's third release under the moniker RMSonce. Rather than being an indulgent drowning in monotonous layers of analogue drones and abstract, sampled noise, the nine-track album keeps us guessing from the moment opener "Schrödinger's Cat" curtails its presumed trajectory so abruptly as to be startling.[...] "Reflections" is notable in its movements and repetitions, patterns that emerge or fade, melodic undertones, sporadic normalcy, even concrete cadences and beat structures."
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Kororiev, Staf Magazine, october 2009

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Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, august 2009
"Marti moves into a variety of musical interests - a bit of IDM, a bit of ambient, some glitch, some Pan Sonic like rhythms - but oddly, or perhaps finely, he knows how to keep things together. A diverse album for sure, but not one that is too diverse. Moody, a with a touch of darkness over all the tracks, this is absolutely a lovely CD. Not as new, or as experimental, but maybe with elegance and pleasure."
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Textura, august 2009
"[...] It's the final (and longest) pieces, however, that stand out most of all: the title track (co-composed by Marti and Juanjo Alba), which uses string samples to generate epic slabs that Marti assembles like granite blocks into a towering structure, and “Jazz, Drugs and Some Distortions,” a sonic grenade of entirely different character whose spine-crippling breakbeats, shredded female singing, and blustery sax playing would make Amon Tobin envious."
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Adrian Elmer, Cyclic Defros, august 2009
"RMSonce is the project of Francesc Marti and on this album, he explores a post-Fennesz sense of beauty through disintegration. Where many artist currently doing the noise rounds rely on layers of analogue degradation – via both analogue effects processing and through the release media of vinyl and cassette – Marti goes the opposite way and dives headlong into the world of unstable zeros and ones."
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Thierry Lemmers, Earlabs, august 2009
"The different textures and sounds used certainly show a playful mentality which is essential for this kind of experimental music to score some hard-earned originality points. And that it certainly does: I enjoyed what RMSonce has done with “Lullaby in a Night of Radioactive Fallout”, a sumptious feast of prickly pops and clicks warring with glitchy drones."
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Michael Mück, Cuemix Magazine, july 2009
"“Reflections”is the title of RMSonce's newest album appearing on Medusa Music based in Barcelona.
The man behind the project RMSonce is Francesc Martí, having a solid background in classical music as a trained pianist; this multitalented artist also works as a composer and video artist. After studying mathematics and computer programming he began to merge his technical skills together with his artistically visions and began to create outstanding experimental electronic music.
“Reflections” is a prove for RMSonce ability to create breathtaking and fascinating tracks. It would be kind of “unfair” to file his beautiful music under a specific genre of electronic music, because it would destroy the beauty of this music if I will make you biased... He juggles samples and sondscapes like a wizard. The range of musicality changes from cinematic soundscapes over to ambient tracks and noisy experimental sounds. The way he creates never heard before soundscapes leave the listener speechless. An electronic symphony in nine chapters. A mesmerizing headmovie – sometimes laid-back then demanding. The moods and the ambiance changes fast with each beat and note of this wonderful album.
A fantastic intelligent and breathtaking album.
A must have!"

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Chris Edwards,, july 2009
"[...] When I first listened to this album and heard the directional switch in ‘SchrÖdinger’s cat’ I was taken aback. Such a simple track, but one that requires an immediate rewind to experience it again. This was repeated for much of this album. Suffice to say I really, really enjoyed this record. RMSonce’s production is some of the most sophisticated I’ve ever heard. He threads radio and other analogue sounds seamlessly into more traditional instrumentation, teaching all of us exactly what ‘advanced sampling’ is. Its not just applying great sounds to a track through layers, but integrating them as focal points of the music.
[...] There are few flaws in what is easily my favorite release of 2009 so far."
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Ian Hollowa, Wonderful Wooden Reasons, july 2009
"RMSonce is the working name of Barcelona born mathematician, musician and artist Francesc Marti and ‘Reflections’ is his third release. The album sees him playing amidst shoals of sound. His relentlessly unorthodox rhythms twisting through aggressive, yet controlled, droning noise. It is a little too electronic for me to be utterly ecstatic as it’s missing some acoustic warmth but it’s still a dynamic listen. For me though the absolute high point of the album comes on the final track as Marti tosses various jazzy samples into his glitchy mix to create a wonderful stumbling slice of lunacy."
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Pi micron, Sound Proector, june 2009
"Under pseudonym RMSonce hides the Spanish mathematician, pianist, composer and video artist Francesc Marti, whose third solo album was released this year by label Medusa Music. Unfortunately I was not acquainted with previous creative works of this musician and I just heard some fragments in social networks. Maybe that's why Reflections turned to be even more interesting for me - when you listen to a new work by a familiar musician, you already know what can be awaited and unfortunately surprises happen rarely. And as concerns the new album of RMSonce, before listening I read only press-release and I was glad to make a new, very pleasant discovery.

9 tracks in general became an excellent trip to the world of electronic experimental music, it has caught not only by its interesting sound but also by its composition and the theme development. Droning ambient can be filled not with rude noise, clicks and other glitch-products forming the layers of electronic effects (something in Pan Sonic's style), somewhere human voices can be heard, apparently processed field records are used... In general, the sounding is rather diverse. Also it brought me happiness that no track stays on one place - music lives and develops opening the dark, expressive horizons before your eyes. The central track "Reflections" prospered in it most of all, gradually forcing the strain during the 9 minutes sounding. The string ensemble adds here epic character to the whole album, reaching the top of sound obsession - at about the 6th minute you feel that you can't move, mentally piercing into imaginary body of the sound wave. In conclusion for me I would mark out Reflections as a good album, catching with its content, the album without "commonplace" and uninteresting tracks."
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Julià Guerrero, Avui Newspaper, june 2009
"Reflections is a work full of angles, of corners, of millimetric collages: of the fine radioactive fallout that, one of the best pieces that Martí has ever made, falls down in the form of repetitive melody of 'Lullaby in to night of radioactive fallout' in the wild and immoderate one Jazz, drugs and some distortions, possibly the door of exit to the new restlessness of Francesc Martí that samplers of great names of the jazz disfigures in very small fragments.[...]"
+ info, june 2009
"[…] It’s not only the rich sound of the compositions. Each individual piece is constantly growing and evolving, presenting us more and more dark expressive horizons."
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Ed Pinsent, The sound projector, may 2009
[...] "Further images celebrating the bittersweet joys of urban horror can be revealed by simply opening the gatefold package of Reflections (MEDUSA MUSIC TSUCD027) by RMSonce, an electro-acoustic composer from Barcelona. However, Francesc Martí finds genuine beauty in these monochrome images and indeed welcomes the onset of scientific progress; his piece ‘Lullaby in a night of radioactive fallout’ is evidence of this. On this fine CD he delivers himself of nine pieces of distorted humming electronic music, sometimes rendered in multi-layers with radio samples and smothered voice fragments. A not-unpleasant minimal ambient buzz exudes from all tracks, and the CD has a warmth which Tarab lacks; maybe it’s the suggestive photographic images doing this, but Reflections really does seem to be love songs created by lonely pylons."
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